Bay Lingo Academy

All the support you need. Everything to help you learn as you grow.


Fantastic location in San Pedro, 2 minutes from the last EO9 bus stop.

Taking the San Pedro/La Lonja elevator up to the 2nd floor, with stunning views of the Pasaia bay, Aia cliffs, and Oarsoaldea.

The academy is located on the ground floor of Marques de Seoane Block 3 (Zamatete) facing the sea.

The ENTIRE area around the academy is pedestrian, and we enjoy the privilege of a huge courtyard, parks nearby, many benches for parents, or outdoor classes when we play energetically!


Our facilities were renovated in 2018. They feature completely modern and equipped spaces, dedicated to training and fun. The classrooms have natural light and 2 windows, one facing the interior and the other facing the exterior.

We have furniture for adults, young people, and small children. The facilities (entrance, hallway, classrooms, and bathroom) are adapted for wheelchair users.


Some English certificates obtained by our students.

Parties and exposure to different cultures

At the end of each trimester, we have fun and games activities. Also, we bring unique cultural experiences from countries teachers are from, where we also we organise thematic parties, be it Christmas, Halloween, Easter, San Patrick's Day.