The Bay Lingo team

International Relations and Politics with Spanish, Education Management

22 years of teaching experience



Director of Studies/ co-founder

I'm Annie the Director of Studies and co-founder of our academy. I grew up in Ireland, where we speak Gaelic and English, and I spent my days playing Gaelic football and swimming. During that time, I learned how important dynamic classes are for young people and the balance between fun and seriousness!

At university, I graduated in International Relations, Politics and Spanish, and studied Italian and business. Since 2002 I've been teaching English and/ or managing schools in Euskadi, Italy, and Ireland. Developing personalized language programmes comes easy to me. I have over 10 years of experience as an Academic Director and over 20 years as a language teacher, while still being quite young myself! : )

I continue to develop personally and professionally, and fully support the practice of lifelong learning. I enjoy a good laugh and some good conversation. In my free time I love exploring the villages and natural gems around me and being near the sea and mountains with family..

BA(hons) Business Studies

10 years of teaching experience



Director, English Teacher


Hi I'm Ivica which means Jon in Croatian and is pronounced Ivitza! I'm originally from Rijeka in Croatia, a coastal city on the stunning Northern Adriatic. After graduating High School with a Diploma in Shipbuilding Engineering, I moved to Ireland at the age of 18.

In Dublin, Ireland I worked in retail, telecommunications, IT and sales. I completed a Bachelor's Degree in Business Studies in Dublin and numerous IT certs such as CISCO, CCNA, Network+, A+, Software C++, HTML and Salesforce admin. After many years working for multinationals and large companies, I moved to Euskadi in 2014, where my teaching career began.

I have worked in the Instituto Antigua-Luberri in el Antiguo, Orereta Ikastola in Errenteria, Kensington and Hernani Hizkuntzak akademia, local government organisations and businesses. I completed my Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA) teacher training in Donostia and I have been teaching English in formerly ELTD Pasaia, now Bay Lingo, since 2016. I continue to upskill, in 2021 I completed the teaching specialisation in Teaching Young Learners and Teenagers.

My main objective is to ensure students are exam ready and encourage their fluency. I focus on student centred communicative use of the skills and topics covered in each lesson. I enjoy fostering an environment of mutual respect and instilling a love of the language and transmitting the benefits it can bring to the learner.

Apart from teaching I enjoy language learnings - these days I'm studying Euskera, Spanish and French. I love hiking and travelling and sailing -I recently passed my Day Skipper licence (PER).

Bachelor of Arts

6 years of teaching experience

Cambridge CELTA.


English teacher

I'm from two beautiful parts of the world, New Zealand and Switzerland, and have been teaching English since 2018. I got into teaching after travelling and volunteering in South America where I saw what a great job it is as it allows you to live in new places and work with locals.

I got my teaching qualifications in New Zealand and taught there for three years, and now I'm in my second year of teaching here in Bay Lingo. One thing I really love about this job is working in an international and like-minded team. Working with genuine, open-minded people is such a privilege.

In terms of teaching, I think it's very important to focus on communication and I try to make my classes as fluency based as possible, with games and lots of speaking tasks. I also enjoy training students for exams, and seeing them fulfil their potential is very satisfying.

Outside of teaching and travelling, I love living so close to nature and spending time outdoors. The outdoor options in the Basque Country are a big draw for me. On the weekends I usually go hiking, rock climbing or for a run. I also really enjoy a good book and a quiet day at home - baking, cooking, doing arts and craft.

I enjoy being outdoors, especially rock climbing and hiking. I also enjoy things like baking, cooking, arts and craft as well as travelling.

1 year of teaching experience



I was born in San Sebastián and grew up in windy, cold England. I went to a boarding school in the countryside, where I played rugby and football. This was a typical boarding school which looked very similar to "Hogwarts".

I have a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Portsmouth, where I learned a range of artistic techniques within the world of Graphic Design and Illustration.

I first got into teaching when I moved to a small boarding school in the countryside on the south coast of Britain. There, I worked with overseas students to learn English and experienced a year in a typical British boarding school. This involved waking the children up in the morning to supervising them during mealtimes.

I enjoy teaching because it gives me the opportunity to meet and learn from the students I am teaching. It gives me a great sense of fulfilment. I hope to get to know my students and to create an enjoyable and fun learning environment.

I love travelling. I have been very fortunate in life to be able to visit some amazing places and experience some unbelievable moments such as hanging out with lemurs in Madagascar, discovering the tombs of Petra in Jordan, and strolling down the Great Wall of China. I also enjoy reading fiction novels, watching action movies, and my greatest passion is cycling.

4 years of teaching experience


French, Spanish and Basque Teacher


I'm Kattalin from Hondarribia, but half of my family is from Hendaia. Many people have told me: I have one foot on each side of the Bidasoa River! I have grown up speaking Basque, Spanish, and French fluently.

I have taught children in several primary schools, both in Iparralde and Hegoalde. And while studying Primary Teaching at the University of La Rioja, I taught Basque to adults. This has given me tools and a lot of enthusiasm to teach any of the three languages to all ages. My goal is to follow the curriculum and draw from the interests and practical life of the students, so that learning is meaningful, and the language learned can be used in students’ daily lives.

In addition to being a language teacher, I'm a tattoo artist at a studio in Trintxerpe (@kattalink), so one of my biggest interests is drawing. Not only that, I also enjoy going to exhibitions and consuming art in general -exhibitions, theatre and cinema I also like to go for walks in the mountains and go to concerts.

I would love for all of us to enrich our lives from this multilingual environment in which we live, and to be able to live using these languages as smoothly as possible.

UPV - Master in General Health Psychology, Health Sciences

4 years of teaching experience


English teacher

I was born and raised in San Sebastián. I studied psychology and always wanted to work with children and young people..

I studied English in Byron Bay, Australia, and lived there for 5 months. It was in England where my teaching career began. I lived in Manchester for 3 years and worked in a primary school during that time teaching children with autism in the classroom. Then I realised that my passion was in education. I really enjoyed the job, not only teaching but also supporting and looking after the children, especially the ones who needed it the most.

Living abroad has been the most enriching experience of my life, meeting new people from other countries and getting to know other cultures and traditions. I have always been interested in languages. I can speak Spanish, Basque, English and a little bit of French.